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Merlin Crossovers

Making fandoms and big ears collide since 2009

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BBC Merlin fanfiction crossovers.
Welcome to Merlin Crossovers!

Hello and welcome to Merlin Crossovers, a community that's dedicated to bringing BBC's Merlin to fandoms everywhere! Be it books, TV, movies or even radio, if it's a crossover, post away!

Don't be shy, I'm sure everyone is eager to see what you can come up with!


1) Keep on topic!
As long as it's a crossover with BBC's Merlin, we wont have a problem with it.

2) Please use the right tags!
Rating, genre, fandom, post-type (e.g., fanfic, fanart, fanvid, famix etc) and author tags are all very important! Plus, it makes it easier to find your work again. More information on how to tag properly here.

3) All large posts MUST be put under a LJ cut.
This includes, but is not limited to; stories, art posts and video posts. Seriously, who wants huge posts clogging up their friends pages?

4) All Adult content MUST be put under a LJ cut and proper warnings used.
If it's explicit, please, please, please put it under a cut and mark it as adult, we don't want to upset any young people who may be looking.

5) No Hotlinking.
It slows everything down and makes people not want to visit.

6) No flaming!
Please keep everything polite and civil. You can squee all you like, give constructive criticism, but keep it civil.

7) Don't mess with the basic settings.
Please don't change the fonts, the colour scheme or other parts of the layout. Sometimes, it just annoys people.
Also, don't link to locked posts, posts that'll be locked in the near future or block comments. This is an open community, lets keep it that way.

8) No more then one post a day.
If you have more then one thing to post, post it in one post. We don't want to clog everyone's friend pages.

9) When posting a story please use the following layout or a close variation thereof.
(That is, the crossover fandom/s)

Feel free to add an author's note, word count etc. but make sure the rating, warnings and the crossover fandom/s are there. Also, please use a similar layout when posting art or videos.

I know 9 rules are a pain, but please keep to these rules to make this community a better place for everyone.


If you need any help, or wish to report a problem or a misbehaving member/user, please feel free to message one of the moderators.

Finally, a big thank you to hikaru__sama for the layout (which we then edited beyond recognition XD).

Also, thanks to norringtonbun for the new banner!